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Posted: May 31, 2019 - Homebuyer's Blog

Moving into a new home is exciting!  But it’s undeniably a huge task. That’s why Hartz Homes has created an all-inclusive moving checklist. It will keep everything on track and make the whole process fun and exciting.  We’re here to help you figure out exactly what you should be doing before, during, and even after your move. With some guidance and this 8-week guide to your upcoming move, you’ll be sure to have everything done between now and the big day, leaving you plenty of time to celebrate!

8 weeks before you move checklist:

So, you’re 8 weeks out! Close, but not too close. It’s important for you to start planning ahead for every aspect of your move

  1. Create a “moving” file or folder to store quotes, receipts, and records related to your move. For example, how much is Dan the mover quoting you? Was that price for 10 or 15 boxes? You’re not going to be able to remember all the details
  2. Schedule in-home estimates with a moving company.
  3. Request time off work for moving day. If you can, plan to take off and move on a Friday. That gives you the rest of the weekend to get yourself organized. Nice tip, right?
  4. Request transcripts for your kids from their old school for their new school. Regardless of how far you are moving, the new school your child attends will need these. Arrive prepared so your kid(s) don’t get left behind.
  5.  Plan a garage sale. Then, donate anything left that you couldn’t sell.


6 weeks before you move checklist:

When you’re six weeks out from a move, it’s important to make sure you’re getting all your ducks in a row. If you’re moving out of town, you’ll need to do things like spend time with family and friends.

  1. Make time for friends and relatives before moving day. Squeeze in a few last memories is your current home by throwing a simple dinner party. It doesn’t have to be elaborate to do the trick.
  2. Collect free boxes from restaurants liquor, grocery, and office supply stores. You can also pay a visit to your local bookstore. They have more boxes than they know what to do with and will be more than happy to hand them over for free.
  3. Label your moving boxes using different colored stickers/tape for each room. This will make your life a ton easier when you’re all moved in and ready to start unpacking.
  4. Create an inventory sheet of all your valuables before they go on the moving truck. Also, keep a private list of which boxes you packed your valuables in.
  5. Mark moving boxes that are fragile. You don’t want textbooks stacked on top of your grandmother’s china.
  6. Take photos of all electronics before unplugging them. This will help jog your memory when you’re reconnecting things such as your TV and stereo.
  7. Put all your hardware in labeled baggies for easy furniture reassembly.
  8. Address minor home repairs before moving out. If you live in an apartment, this might be the difference between getting your security deposit back, or not.
  9. Research your new community for points of interest. Find your new favorite hangout spot or restaurant!
  10. Last but not least for this section, pack a little every day. You don’t want to find yourself packing all of your belongings the night before.


4 weeks before you move checklist:

Four weeks out – you’ve officially hit the one-month mark! Now’s the time to start gathering important documents that you’ll need to bring with you to your new place. You should also start doing things like selling and donating items. It will be a lot easier to complete items on your moving checklist when you’re not bogged down in possession that you neither want nor need.

  1. Use or donate items that you can’t pack or sell, such as frozen foods, bleach, and aerosol cans.
  2. Gather all financial and legal records in one place.
  3. Gather birth certificates and passports for everyone in your home. Then, carry important documents on your person during your move.
  4. Find a landscaper and snow removal service in your new neighborhood.
  5. Return your library books.
  6. Pick up clothes from the dry cleaner.
  7. Compile medical, dental, and optical records for everyone in your home.
  8. If you’re moving out of town, find a new doctor, dentist, and vet in your new neighborhood.
  9. Update your voter registration.
  10. If you’re moving long distance, plan your route and book hotels.
  11. Shop around for cable, internet, and phone bundles. Then, schedule installation and/or cancel your old services.
  12. Request copies of vet records and get any necessary pet medication.
  13. Make a moving day playlist to enjoy while moving and unpacking.


2 weeks before you move checklist:

The big day is almost here! You’re two weeks away from moving and it’s time to update your accounts and records for your new place and address. You also want to take these two weeks before your move to plan ahead packing, meals, medication, pets, and children. Moving day is a BUSY one. Make sure to have everything on your moving list checked off for this two-week point. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!

  1. Recycle or dispose of corrosives, flammables, and poisonous items
  2. Return borrowed items from friends and family.
  3. Back up your computer. If something goes awry during your move, you’ll be thankful you have everything saved in an alternate place.
  4. Remove light bulbs from all lamps you plan to move.
  5. Moving far? Clean out your safe deposit box and any lockers you might have at a gym or community center.
  6. Fill your prescriptions.
  7. Prepare a list of emergency service technicians and preferred providers. You don’t want to be googling plumbers while your toilet is overflowing in your new home.
  8. To keep little ones safe during a move, line up a babysitter or make arrangements for a play date.
  9. Find somewhere safe for pets to go during your move. Look into doggy daycare or ask a friend to watch them for a day – who wouldn’t love to dog sit Fido, Fluffy or Muffin?
  10. Send out moving announcement.
  11. Change your address with loan providers, credit cards, banks, and the payroll department at work. Also, remember to order new checks.
  12. Forward your mail.
  13. Change address for Social Security benefits within 10 days of moving. Make sure to notify government offices, including the Social Security Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the IRS.
  14. Transfer your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance to your new home.
  15. Cancel or transfer your membership at the gym, yoga studio, Crossfit facility, etc.
  16. Update your address for newspaper and magazine subscriptions.
  17. Transfer your utilities including water, electric, and natural gas.
  18. Update your driver’s license.
  19. Update your address with Amazon and any monthly subscriptions boxes you receive.
  20. Change your address for your auto insurance and car registration.
  21. Clean outdoor furniture before it’s moved.
  22. Transfer your prescriptions to a new pharmacy, if necessary.

The week you move checklist:

The week has come! It’s time to make sure you organize your belongings, finish packing, and clean your old home. Make sure everything’s squared away early. It’ll allow for a stress-free moving day – and who wouldn’t want that?

  1. Make sure you canceled and/or redirected scheduled deliveries. Remember that pair of shoes that was on backorder? Make sure they get shipped to correct address.
  2. Clean your current home for the next resident.
  3. Unplug your fridge and freezer to defrost the night before. Make sure you lay a towel in front of it to absorb any water that leaks.
  4. Drain water hoses to your washing machine and ice maker.
  5. Empty oil and gas from grills, heaters, lawn mowers, and snow blowers.
  6. Leave a note or small gift for new residents.
  7. Make sure nothing is hiding on shelves or in closet corners.
  8. Before conducting a final walk through with your landlord, fill nail holes in the walls.
  9. Watch the weather channel and prepare for rain or snow.
  10. Pack an essentials box with everything you’ll need for your first 24 hours in your new home.
  11. Take photographs of your empty place to prove it’s in move-out condition.

Moving day checklist:

Moving day is here! All your moving prep has led you to this very moment. You’ve checked off a ton of items on this moving checklist to get you to this point. On the day of your move, make sure you get an early start. Start the day off right and get moving. The earlier you move in, the more time you will have to start unpacking and settling into your new home.

  1. Rise and shine! Set an alarm and get up early on moving day.
  2. Protect your floors and carpets during the move.
  3. As soon as your movers leave, make your bed and unpack your shower curtain and toiletries. This makes a nap and a shower so much easier. And let’s face it, it’s the first thing you’ll want to do post move.
  4. Get to know your new neighbors!
  5. Go grocery shopping. At this point, you’ve eaten enough take out. Having food in the house will also prevent you from unnecessary spending.
  6. Don’t have curtains or shades yet? Cover your windows with sheets for privacy for your first night. This will help you sleep more comfortably, trust us.

One week, post move checklist:

You’re moved in! You’ve checked off almost everything on your moving checklist, but you’re not done yet. Now is the time to start making your new place yours. Unpack, decorate, and have fun personalizing your new home.

  1. Post leftover moving boxes or unwanted furniture on Craigslist. Or, give them to someone you know is moving.
  2. Explore your new neighborhood – local shops, supermarkets, libraries, cafés, grocery stores, and restaurants.
  3. Send thank you notes to friends and family who helped you move.

Two weeks, post move checklist:

Finally, you’ve made it to the last two checkpoints on this epic moving checklist! Make sure you’ve completely settled in. Now that you’re comfortable, take a night off and call a babysitter!

  1. Aim to unpack all your stuff within two weeks of moving in.
  2. Last, but not least, make copies of your new keys for the babysitter, nanny, and dog walker.

Phew! We’re out of breath. But congrats, you survived!

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