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Great ways to reduce the stress of a move!

Posted: May 31, 2018 - Homebuyer's Blog

While a lot of people agree that moving can be stressful, there are ways to cut down the stress, making the process more bearable. Hartz Homes have sold over 16,000 homes in the Chicago area, and during this time, we’ve witnessed a few successful methods home buyers have used to reduce the stress of the Read More


The ABC’s of homeowner’s insurance

Posted: May 17, 2018 - Homebuyer's Blog

Usually, when first-time home buyers purchase a home from Hartz Homes, it’s their first experience in obtaining homeowner’s insurance. So, we have decided to provide a guide to eliminate any mystery about this important undertaking. Following are the top 9 things you probably want to know about homeowner’s insurance. After all, if you just bought Read More


Clubhouse opens at Bella Vista

Posted: May 2, 2018 - Homebuyer's Blog

  Hartz Homes announces the opening of the neighborhood clubhouse in their Bella Vista subdivision in Bolingbrook. The clubhouse in Bella Vista contains meeting, social, and recreation areas. Comfortable furniture surrounding a fireplace provides a great area for both relaxation and get-togethers. A nicely appointed kitchen comes in handy for community and individual resident events. Read More