Phases of Construction

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timeline-iconIf you’ve never built a new construction home, the timeline for construction can be a bit mystifying. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight! There’s a lot that has to happen, but Hartz Homes has you covered. Use this general timeline to give you confidence and peace of mind during the construction process.



Throughout the process, you’re in good hands with Hartz Homes. Construction of every home is supervised by both a superintendent who is on site every day and a divisional superintendent who oversees construction.

Site Access

Due to insurance issues, site access is restricted during construction. Homeowners may not enter the home until the walk-through inspections with a Hartz employee. Personal contractors are not allowed in the home during construction. Hartz or its contractors will exclusively perform construction on the home.


To help you understand exactly what to expect, the content below walks you through the entire construction process, from start to finish.

  1. Homeowner chooses new home model, makes deposit
  2. Permit issued
  3. Homeowner visits the Design Center to select colors/options/upgrades: Homeowner schedules one-on-one consultation. Nearly all options are customizable or upgradable – from specific appliance models, to choice of material for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, hardware and fixtures. Visit the Design Center page for more details.
  4. Construction begins!
  5. First Phase – Excavation to Under Roof
    • Excavation to under roof
    • Footings
    • Foundation
    • Underground plumbing
    • Damproofing
    • Drain tile
    • Rough framing
  6. Second Phase – Under Roof to Rough Inspection
    • Rough plumbing
    • Rough heating
    • Rough electrical
    • Rough inspection
  7. Third Phase – Ready to Finish
    • Insulation
    • Pre-Drywall walk-through (single-family homes): Ensures any options, changes or extras are planned for
    • Drywall
    • Painting
    • Flooring
    • Finish trim carpentry – including cabinets, trim and doors
    • Finish heating, electrical and plumbing
    • Flatwork
    • Driveway
  8. Final Grade
    • All finished materials delivered to site
    • Customer walk-throughs, inspections and sign-offs
  9. Final Closing
    • Customer takes ownership of their new home!
  10. Possible Delays: Our goal is to complete construction of your home according to schedule. However, unforeseen delays can happen, such as:
    • Material shortages
    • Customer failure to make selections in a timely manner
      Extreme weather (construction can take place year-round, but extreme heat/cold or severe rain, snow or other conditions may create delays)
    • If we experience delays, your New Home Counselor will provide you with a new estimated completion date. Please call your counselor if you have questions on the status of your new home’s construction.

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